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SNEAK PEAK! The MacGuffin: Psycho

SNEAK PEAK! The MacGuffin: Psycho

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I can recall the first time I watched a Hitchcock film (Vertigo in 2004) and I remember the second Hitchcock film I watched (Frenzy in 2006), but I don’t remember the first time I saw Psycho. I got my first Netflix account in 2010 and I know this movie was in my DVD queue, but I’m almost positive I saw it sometime before then.

I’m often asked about my favorite movies and this classic is definitely in the top 5. I can watch this over and over and never get bored, and at this point, I’m sure I can recite it word for word from memory. While it’s well-acted and beautifully shot with great sound mixing and film editing, I love the structure. I love how this story starts one way and then shifts into something else, how we’re following Marion on an ill-conceived journey only to be abandoned halfway through. Psycho is as beautiful as it is disturbing, but it’s timeless and one of my absolute favorites.

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