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A new podcast episode is available!
If being female is not the same as being a woman and being a woman is defined as “the characteristics of women that are socially constructed,” then what…
Mardi Gras season is underway in New Orleans! From now until February 22nd you can get $75 off a new paid subscription for 12 Months. This is available…
A new podcast episode is available!
What is Wrong With Velma?
75% Off For 12 Months!
A seventeen-year-old girl was exposed to a man's genitals in a San Diego YMCA locker room
What to do when people hate you
Film Review: A Man Called Otto
Alright, Let's Recap: Golden Globes and SAG Nominations
What Not To Say To Me Because I'm SingleListen now (29 min) | Being single and in your thirties is heavy, and no one talks about it. There’s a lot of shame and embarrassment surrounding this…